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Luigi's Italian Market and Deli

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846 West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211


Friday - Saturday : 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Monday - Thursday : 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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User Comments

Lou says
June 03, 2012

Here's a very new (April-May 2012) Italian deli - with in-store dining, carry-out & select foods (sodas, cookies, etc) to go - that knows its food but falls down flat on some service & ambience elements that keep it 3 forks, not  4+.  Now, I know a converted urban rowhouse main floor (up just a few steps) has limitations, I expect that - happily, the food quality itself was  unhampered by the layout. Our party enjoyed a very delicious array of sandwiches - a hearty meatball sub as good as Mastellone's (& that's A+ delicioso!), a turkey club, a classic Italian cold cut sub & a fresh salad - but on a hot day the sodas were warm & when we asked for unoffered cups of ice, we were told to go get our own from the liquor store across the alley... say what?!  C'mon paisanos, get a big cooler & serve it up to your fan base if you don't want to breed Bolsheviks in your lunch line!  A roomy-enough indoor seating area in the front is comfortably decked out with a half-dozen tables & bistro seats - pre-paid counter-ordered food is brought to you.  Alas, the yearned-for outside seating area was out the back door, past the transparently clean kitchen, but directly abutting a sadly charmless alley & right next to a long line of trashcans... whoa!  no wonder it wasn't occupied by a-ny-bo-dy, not even smokers!  Back to the drawing boards big time with that disaster area! 

It's great to have a good Italian kitchen & deli case in Hampden, and the ice is a no-brainer to fix like yesterday, but until I hear otherwise, I'll only be climbing those stairs on cool/cold days, & never for al fresco!!! 

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