While the unofficial end of summer is approaching, we’re still embracing all of the new beginnings around the city in the last few months. Through late spring and summer, an abundance of change has happened around town at some of our favorite spots. Here’s a roundup of some of the best new additions to our old favorites.     Wit and Wisdom   Early this summer, Wit and Wisdom revamped their kitchen area by opening it up ... Read More

Starting Tuesday February 23, Flying Dog and Guy Fieri began an ongoing collaboration for their monthly series of beer and food pairing dinners called Brews and Bites at Guy Fieri's Baltimore Kitchen + Bar, located in the Horseshoe Casino.   The series will feature a new brewery and menu each month. The February menu includes:     "In Guy’s Dining Series we are partnering with local/regional brewers and distill ... Read More

The advent of cooler weather and changing leaves also brings an abundance of events to enjoy in fall. We rounded up a handful of our favorites (many of them worthy fundraisers) to check out in the coming weeks as you switch from flops and shorts to boots and hoodies.     Madonnari Arts Festival - Little Italy - October 1- 4   Paying homage to Italy’s street artists, this street painting festival and competition in Baltimore&r ... Read More

Well, now that Christmas is behind us, New Year's is on the horizon. I always find New Year's Eve a strange holiday, one that I'm not necessarily always up for celebrating with a wild night out, but also one where I feel really lame chilling at home in my PJs. The happy medium?  A festive dinner, of course! Dressing up a bit and going out for a delicious meal always makes me feel a little fun and fancy, but without the customary New Year's Day ha ... Read More

Something about fall puts me in the mood for soul food. Cornbread, fried chicken and collard greens hit exactly the right spot on a snappy autumn night. Baltimore, while obviously not the soul food capital of the world, does have a few spots where you can kick back with a crock of grits and a tall sweet tea (make it a hot tea if you're as big of a wuss about cold weather as I am).  Darker Than Blue serves a version of upscale soul food, mixed wi ... Read More

Dr. Pepper 10 is idiotic. (In case you don't know, it's a soda aimed at men, marketed with the slogan "it's not for women") Nonetheless, it has inspired some interesting thoughts. The idea of a men-only soda seems ludicrous, but the concept of gender appropriate food does not. It's quite common to think of men eating a certain kind of food while women eat a different kind. Whether our food stereotypes have been foisted upon us or not, we've certainly ... Read More

There should be gill-flappingly fresh fish on every plate in this city. We should be wading through tureens of local oysters and crabs. We definitely are not. While flaky, earth-friendly fish flipper their way through streams just a few miles from us, we gorge on yellow fin tuna and farmed salmon. Most of the city's crab houses import their crabs from the Gulf of Mexico, and our crab cakes our made with lump from Asia. If we really want to call ours ... Read More

 "Where the hell is our waiter?"   If you've never wondered where your waiter has gone, you've probably never eaten at a restaurant. Waiters have an uncanny ability to vanish. Sometimes, we disappear intentionally (I've spent years in both catering and restaurants, so I speak from my own experience). Nobody wants a waiter hovering over their shoulders while they eat. Often, though, we're pulled away by work you may not realize we're doing ... Read More

You don't think about reading as a part of dining out, but it is, and writing is very much a part of cooking. The production of an easy to read menu is a skill in and of itself. There are many variables to consider. Ingredients need to be listed in some detail, for diners' delight and for those who may be allergic. Space is limited, however, and no matter how much a chef wants to crow about his salads, they all have to fit on the same page. Despite ... Read More

I've been watching a lot of Man vs. Food reruns lately. If you haven't seen the show, it breaks down into two parts. In the second half of the show, host Adam Richman tries to conquer food challenges, such as the oversized steak that must be consumed in half an hour, the super-spicy tuna roll, or the burrito the size of a human torso. Watching him do so is both impressive and a bit disgusting. In the first half of the show, though, Richman tours his ... Read More
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