2009 BaltimoreEats.com Holiday Contests

by Ryan Rom

This holiday season we have come up with two great contests to give you more chances to win from BaltimoreEats.com.

Contest #1

We want to add current photos to our restaurant listings.  As some of you have seen, we have begun taking a nighttime snapshots of the entrances of Baltimore’s restaurants and bars.  We have barely put a dent in the over 1,000 listings on our website.   This is why we need you!  Next time you use BaltimoreEats.com to find your meal, take a quick snapshot of the front entrance of the restaurant as you walk in!  We would really appreciate it!  Here are the rules of the contest:

  • You get one point for each useable nighttime picture that you submit. 
  • Points are awarded for pictures of restaurants with no nighttime shot, or a better nighttime shot than we already have.  
  • For uniformity’s sake, please take the picture from the left side of the entrance and try to get all important signage in the shot. (see example on the right)
  • Send your photo to prizes@baltimoreeats.com for submission
  • The person with the most points by Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 wins $75 worth of gift certificates from BaltimoreEats.com!

UPDATE:  Charm City Kim has won the Holiday Photo Contest uploading 11 photos!  Follow her on twitter!

Contest #2

In the spirit of the Holidays, we want you to help us create Holiday themed logos for BaltimoreEats.com!  If your logo is selected, you will win a $25 gift certificate!  Please use this current logo as a base, but have fun and be creative!

Holiday Logo Deadlines:

  • Christmas and Kwanzaa- Friday, December 18th
  • New Years- Wednesday, December 30th

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