Sushi 101

by Tai Obata

Thank you to Tai Obata, RA Sushi's exectutive chef for completing this Sushi 101 glossary for us. Read below to learn the basics of Sushi.


Bonito Flakes
Bonito is a large fish from the same family as Tuna & Mackerel. It is dried & added to many Japanese dishes for flavoring.
Dashi Kombo Dried kelp or seaweed.
Dasino Moto Bonito flakes.
Flying Fish "Tobkio"            
Medium-sized fish eggs. These eggs are similar to the smelt row except that they have a small popping texture.
Genmaicha Brown rice tea—the Japanese name for green tea combined with roasted brown rice.
Gochujang Pasted Korean hot red pepper.
Izumidai High quality, flash frozen, farmed, skinless & boneless sushi grade tilapia filets.
Kani Kama Imitation crab.
Kimchee Typically meaning a dish made by pickling vegetables.
Kochjan Hot chili paste.
Lobok The Japanese name for a mild-flavored, very large, white, east Asian radish.
Lotus Root Underwater root of the lotus plant with a creamy white flesh that has the crisp texture of a raw potato & a flavor akin to fresh coconut.
Maki Su Bamboo rolloing mat used to roll sushi.
Maki Sushi Maki consists of ingredients rolled inside seaweed & rice and then cut into 5-9 pieces.
Micro Greens Tiny edible greens, in between a sproud & a lettuce leaf.
Mirin Sweet cooking Sake.
Miso Soybean paste.
Nigiri Sliced fish on top of rice with a dab of wasabi in between.
Nori Japanese edible seaweed.
Omakase A Japanese phrase that means "It's Up To You". The expression is used at sushi restaurants to leave the selection to the chef.
Ooba Shiso or Japanese mint leaf.
Panko Japanese bread crumbs.
Salmon Roe "Ikura" The largest of the fish eggs. They are slightly salty and can be typically added to any roll upon request.
Sashimi Thinly sliced fish served without rice.
Shiso A Japanese mint leaf.
Smelt Roke "Masago"    The smallest of the fish eggs. They are slightly salty & can be typically be added to any roll upon request.
Sweet Egg  "Tamago"
Cooked egg wrapped with a piece of seaweed & placed over rice. Sweet egg is made of about 12 layers of eggs cooked with sugar & soy sauce.
Togarashi Japanese spice mix of red pepper, black pepper, citrus zest, yuzu, black & white seasme, hemp seed, nori & poppy seed.
Toro (or Tuna Belly) The best cut of Tuna you can get. Toro is to Tuna like filet is to Steak.
Tuna "Maguro" Bright red in color with a mild, fresh flavor.
Udon Noodles Thick wheat noodles which will absorb a large volume of the liquid they are immersed in.
Wasabi A paste made from adding water to a dried Japanese horseradish.
Yamagobo Like a pickeled Japanese carrot. Also called a pickeled burdock root.
Yellowtail "Hamachi"                 

Yellowtail is off-white in color with a buttery texture. It often has a bloodline (or a thin,pink line) running down the fish, making it easily identifiable.

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