Meatballs, Oh Meatballs!

by Celeste Corsaro

Everyone loves a good meatball, unless of course, your vegetarian, but let's assume you are not.

Being a Sicilian girl (and yes, I specify Sicilian), I grew up with lots of GOOD (Italian) FOOD.  This doesn't make me an Italian food snob, but rather I can tell the difference between authentic Italian and wanna-be Italian.  Doesn't hurt that my husband hails from Italy and is an Italian chef, also!

So, when I go to an "Italian" restaurant, I always get marinara and a meatball if it's on the menu. Most times I am disappointed and realize that I have taken all that yummy food I grew up with, for granted.  My grandmother makes the BEST meatballs, hands down. Luckily, she is still alive (and well) and STILL making those meatballs in her sub shop.

Pippo's Pizza and Subs (nothing fancy, just a subshop) houses those wonderful meatballs.  She has other Italian specialties, too, but darn those meatballs are delish. 

Located at 3229 Eastern Blvd, in Bowleys Quarters, down in Essex, hon! 

Take a trip down to get some.  I am writing about them for no other reasons except they are GOOD and I don't want to take that wonderful authentic Italian food for granted anymore!  Although not a fine dining place, Pippo's will definitely satisfy that hankering for a GOOD meatball, when all else has failed!

Happy meatballs!

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