Charities that Don't Suck

by Scooter Holt

I’ve always believed that charities were just a way for rich people to relieve themselves of guilty money but, as I’m getting older, I’m finally starting to see the value.  This week I attended a fundraiser for Parks & People Foundation hosted by friends Ron Solomon and Debbie Cameron at their home in Otterbein and, not only was it informative and interesting, but the bar was racked and stacked with some of my favorites.


Perhaps that reserved my interest as well.

Along with checks and cash, we all donated gardening implements for local school children, quaffed apple martinis, and listened to just some of the good that this organization is doing.  Debbie told me a fantastic story about the foundation’s use of dozens of Billy-goats to clear a large acreage of overgrowth not far from the zoo.  Without the use of polluting backhoes and, even worse, toxic chemicals, the acreage was completely cleared within three days!

As with any discussion of gardening where my friends are involved, the use of the word “hoe” was thrown around quite liberally.

I left my hoe at home!

I brought the biggest hoe here!

“Hoe” jokes notwithstanding, I left feeling that perhaps charities really don’t suck, and actually committed to volunteering some time as well.  After all, volunteering time is much easier on the budget than volunteering the wallet, and you feel a hell of a lot better about yourself afterwards.

For those that would like to get involved in this charity, you can go to the website at, or you can contact Jean DuBose, Director of Development and Promotions, at  She can certainly point you in the right direction.

And make sure to bring your hoe.

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