A Speedy Summer

by Celeste Corsaro

Can't believe this summer has slipped by! I was in Northern Italy for 2 weeks and have many food stories to share! The food and its local old fashioned goodness everyday had me thinking so much about the way we eat at home... The plentiful food and family is cherished at every meal. No paper plates, straight washing every single dish, cup, plate, coffee cup, etc…. When we were done with lunch dishes, set the table for dinner! There are lots of efforts in and around Baltimore to get back to the way it should be and eat SLOWLY. Teaching our children this is also very important, especially as they are getting back to school this fall.

Here are a few websites to check out to get these local and abundant foods in our schools and for our children. I am taking part, this fall, to carry on and teach our children how food is SUPPOSED to be eaten and get these foods in our schools. No more processed junk. Get on board with one of these websites:

www.slowfoodbaltimore.com    |    www.farmtoschool.org    |    www.healthyschoolmeals.org


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