B&O American Brasserie

by Celeste Corsaro

Our private media dinners are something that I look forward to, when we set them up.  It's a casual group of food writers and media types and they all happen to be some of very good friends mine that I  have collected through the years in this business.  So, I meet Anne Boone-Simanski, Brian Lawrence, Randi Rom, and Dara Bunjon at the Brasserie.  Diane Macklin can't join us for this one, but she made sure to give me explicit directions on what food we should order and how much to tip. (God love her—what would we do with out her?) 

When I got there, my focus immediately turned to the bar, not only because of the beautiful display of top shelf libations, but i knew the next time I came, I would be at THAT bar and wanted to get the feel for it.  And who did I spot BEHIND that bar?  It was BRENDAN DORR, formerly of Ixia!   He was doing what he does best, mixing and shaking those beautiful concoctions of his.  At that point, I KNEW this place would definitely be able to satisfy my cocktail needs. I was also very happy to hear from Brendan, that Eric Fooy, is also at B and O Brasserie!  Happy to see them there!  If you don't know Brendan and Eric, that gives you a great reason to go meet them.  They are truly "mixologists" and will fire you up probably one of the best cocktails you've ever had. 

The food was delicious!  EVERYTHING was FRESH and you could taste it.  It doesn't matter what I ate, as we all tried most things on the menu with our entrees to ourselves, but passing sides around the table, family style.  See our link to their menus and the website.  Most of this menu was seasonal and I noticed they were using local farms, such as Firefly Chipotle goat cheese on their HEIRLOOM TOMATO AND WATERMELON SALAD.  That wonderful little salad (pictured) had the best of both worlds of sweet and savory and all in one big juicy mouthful. Sea salt was lightly sprinkled on top and it merged into the sweetness of the watermelon and made for a very refreshing and satisfying first course.

I plan to get back there, but this time, I'm visiting Brendan and Eric.  I have a feeling most at the table will join me for one, offline. 

See you there, or 'round the next corner!


B&O American Brasserie
2 North Charles St
Baltimore, MD



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