Guy's Dining Series at Horseshoe Casino Featuring Flying Dog

Jennifer Waldera

Starting Tuesday February 23, Flying Dog and Guy Fieri began an ongoing collaboration for their monthly series of beer and food pairing dinners called Brews and Bites at Guy Fieri's Baltimore Kitchen + Bar, located in the Horseshoe Casino.


The series will feature a new brewery and menu each month. The February menu includes:



"In Guy’s Dining Series we are partnering with local/regional brewers and distilleries in order to highlight offerings and expose our guests to new and different palettes. When designing the menu we focus on ingredients from the product to highlight aspects of the beer/liquor within the cuisine. The goal is to show how food and drink can complement one another and give an exciting experience," says Chef James Johnson.


The series will feature a new brewery and menu each month. The February menu will include:


First Course


Raging Board - Beer brined and confit wings, Raging Bitch Sauce, Hop Brat, Beer Mustard, Raging Bitch Bread


Beer pairing: Raging Bitch IPA 


Second Course


Crab sliders on malted buns with roasted jalapeno grapefruit slaw and Flying Dog pickles


Beer pairing:  The Truth Imperial IPA 


Third Course


Lucy Ribs - Clover rubbed and hop smoked ribs with lucky sauce, beer mac and cheese, and fried collard greens


Beer pairing: Lucky SOB Irish Red Ale 


Fourth Course


Tropical Float - Tropical Bitch Belgian IPA, coconut and passionfruit custard


Beer pairing: Tropical Bitch Belgian IPA 


Magic Hat Brewery will be featured alongside four courses of pairings on the March 29th event.


Tickets are $45. Click here for more information, reservations, and to see future Brews and Bites event listings.


Brews and Bites

Guy Fieri's Baltimore Kitchen + Bar

1525 Russell St, Baltimore, MD 21230

(844) 777-7463

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