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In recent years, there has been a strong local push to educate consumers about seafood in Baltimore. Whether it’s in regards to crabs or oysters, many local organizations, restaurants, and individuals have passionately advocated for transparency regarding the health of the bay, the sustainability of seafood, and the availability of locally harvested products. Consumers, likewise, have shown an increased interest in learning more about the seafood they are purchasing in both restaurants and retails settings.


Now, Sam Asher has made information about oysters (and potentially other seafood, eventually) available, literally, in the hands of consumer, with his appropriately-named Pearl App.


While the app can be used by oyster-slurpers to locate the crustaceans (as well as price and type), it can also be utilized to become more educated about them, and to give feedback and information about the oysters in the area for other consumers.


“Pearl is an oyster discovery app that aims to teach consumers about oysters, with quick and easy to learn custom curated profiles.The app allows users to find oysters at restaurants around them, mark their favorites and check in with the app to share oysters they are eating. We are the first app to offer real time information about seafood, in this case oysters, by aggregating suppliers, restaurants, and consumers all into one app,” says Asher.


Additionally, Asher intends for the app to be a means for those who enjoy oysters to learn and share the nuances of various types, in the same way that wine-lovers discuss varietals. App-users can quickly garner (and share) information pertaining to characteristics like flavor, brininess, and size.


To learn more, or to download the app, visit:





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