Dining with Dogs in Baltimore

Ann Marie Brokmeier

There are a lot of search results for “kid-friendly” restaurants in Baltimore, but what about those of us that have furry dinner dates? Sure, you can bring your pup to almost any restaurant with outdoor seating, but if you’re looking for service that will personalize your experience, look no further! I’ve compiled at least one restaurant for each major neighborhood in Baltimore (and there were a lot more than expected!). Have a suggestion for a pup-friendly restaurant that I didn’t list? Leave it in the comments!


On the Hill Café (Bolton Hill) – Yeah, they have outdoor seating for you & your dog. But that’s not all: they sell organic dog treats inside as well. You won’t be the only one filling your belly with goodness from On the Hill.


City Café (Midtown/Mt Vernon) – There is a lot of Internet buzz on how pet-friendly City Café is. I have never dined with a pet there, but if their service for pet-owners is anywhere as good as their brunch menu, I totally recommend it.

Other notable Mt. Vernon establishmentIggies Pizza is known for its love of animals. While you can’t bring them into the restaurant, I still suggest you patronize this pizzeria as they donate to rescues and help with adoptions.


HarborQue (Locust Point) – The outdoor patio for HarborQue overlooks downtown, so you can enjoy a great view with your pup. They have a pass-through so you can order ahead and get served outside, and has been known to give doggie bags with meat scraps in them for your dog.


Bo Brooks (Canton) –You & your four-legged date are welcome to enjoy waterfront dining at this restaurant. They have a wrap-around outdoor deck that can seat up to 200 guests (that’s a lot of dogs!).

Other notable Canton establishments: Speakeasy Saloon has awnings over their outdoor seating (which is great for those warm summer days) and is happy to bring out water for your pup. Yellow Dog Tavern not only is pet-friendly, but has ‘dog’ right in its name! Pups are more than welcome in their outdoor seating and we’ve heard that they’ll even bring out a treat for your dog on a plate. Adorable!


The Point in Fells (Fells Point) – In addition to outdoor seating and welcoming staff, this restaurant offers its own Doggy Menu (seriously!). The menu consists of veal marrow bones, roasted pigs foot, hot doggie dogs and water (and please note that it is always subject to change).

Other notable Fells Point establishments: Alexander’s Tavern, who will bring a water bowl out for your pup and Kooper’s Tavern, who is named after a dog (read the adorable story here), welcome pets in their outdoor seating and have been known to host fundraising events for the MD SPCA and Lab Rescue.


Alizee Baltimore (JHU/North Charles Village) – This American-style bistro, located inside of the Inn at the Colonnade, boasts a weekly Yappy Hour, where you can enjoy $5 appetizers and drink specials, while your dogs socialize with each other and hang out on the patio.  Alizee’s Yappy Hours are held every Sunday from 4-7pm.


The Dizz (Hampden) – Multiple dog-owning sources have told me that the Dizz servers are super-attendant to your dog’s thirst needs, and will bring out a bowl of water, sometimes without you even asking.


The Wine Bin (Ellicott City) - If you find yourself in the suburbs of Baltimore, The Wine Bin in Ellicott City hosts a monthly Yappy Hour, where well-behaved dogs can accompany their owners while you sample wine and chocolate. A portion of proceeds from that night go to animal charities as well! Yappy Hour is hosted the first Friday of each month (April – November) from 6-9pm.


Still looking for more? The Downtown Partnership has been hosting outdoor summer Yappy Hours for you & your pooch. Grab yourself a beer or two (free from Mick O’Sheas!), while your pup enjoys water, treats, and a sprinkler to cool-off beneath.


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