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Ann Marie Brokmeier

Six local coffee shops have recently come together to release Baltimore’s first Disloyalty card. This card is a free pass to try every single cup of coffee in Charm City. While that may be an overstatement, these six coffee shops – Pitango Gelato, Sidewalk Espresso Bar, Lamill Coffee, High Grounds Coffee Roasters, Charmington’s, and Dooby’s – are working toward getting residents to love coffee as much as they do. Go to any of the locations to pick up a card, and while you’re there, go ahead and purchase a “qualifying beverage” (which, as we gather, is any beverage with coffee or espresso in it). For each beverage, you’ll get a stamp and once you earn a stamp from all six locations, you receive one free complimentary beverage from one of the shops of your choice! If that isn’t enough to get you out to each of locations, I have listed below some suggestions for each coffee shop. Enjoy being disloyal!


Pitango Gelato 802 S Broadway St.

This gelato shop works to recreate the Italian coffee experience – and they even use a dolce blend, as it is sweeter and less bitter than most American coffee. Want to get the whole coffee/gelato experience? I suggest getting an Affogato, which is a double shot of espresso topped with a scoop of their creamy gelato. It doesn’t get better than that.


Sidewalk Espresso Bar – 625 Washington Blvd.

Although they’ve been open for almost a year, there are still not many folks that are aware of this adorable café in Ridgley’s Delight, but you should quickly become familiar with it. They offer delicious artisanal roasted coffee as well as individual pour-overs. Their specialty drink? The B’More Mocha, a mocha espresso drink with a dash of Old Bay Seasoning.


Lamill Coffee – 200 International Dr.

This coffeeshop is located inside of the Four Seasons, so you know that you’ll be getting a personalized experience. Each of their baristas is happy to create an espresso drink or extraction coffee just for you. There are plenty of food options at Lamill as well, so be sure to pick up one of their specialty macarons while you’re there!


High Grounds Coffee Roasters – 3201 Eastern Ave.

This location roasts their own beans in-house, and therefore is able to offer a wide variety of roasts. With their Italian espresso machine, they are able to produce grounds at point of order, so your espresso drinks are always exactly what you want. They offer pastries and bagels at their Eastern Ave location as well. Can’t get enough of their coffee? Their grounds and beans are on the shelves of Whole Foods and Wegmans grocery stores in the Baltimore area.


Charmington’s – 2601 N Howard St.

This cute café in Remington is welcoming to coffee aficionados and new coffee-drinkers alike. They serve Counter Culture coffee, and some of their baristas have been sent to a special Counter Culture training to ensure that they are brewing as intended. While you’re there, be sure to grab a homemade sandwich or treat – my current favorite is their savory roasted veggie wrap.


Dooby’s – 802 N Charles St. (temporarily housed until Fall 2013 at The Hatch, 4 West Madison Street)

This café opened less than a month ago and is already getting a lot of attention. They not only offer deliciously-brewed coffee and espresso, but also savory snacks, sweet treats and craft beer (they even host Happy Hour specials!). I suggest stopping by on a Sunday, or as they call it, Sticky Bun Sunday, for a freshly brewed coffee and a homemade sticky bun.


Stop by any of the participating coffee shops to pick up a Disloyalty card and follow along on Twitter with #BmoreDisloyal.

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