Quick Bites at Artscape

Ann Marie Brokmeier

Artscape is billed as the largest free arts festival in America, so hopefully you’ll make your way out to Midtown this weekend to enjoy it! There are always bunch of street food vendors, but if you’re not one for chicken-on-a-stick, funnel cakes, or fried-everything, there are plenty of other great places to grab a quick bite in that immediate area. Here are a few I suggest:


Two Boots –  1203 W. Mt Royal Ave 

This is where I ate last year for Artscape because of their food & their central location (they’re right off of the Light Rail stop). Imagine delicious pizza by-the-slice, with tons of different options (meat, vegetarian, and vegan), and incredible Cajun garlic bread. It’ll probably be a little crowded, but it’s worth waiting in line!


Sofi’s Crepes – 1723 N. Charles St

Located at the northern part of Artscape, be sure to jump in line at this crêperie. Their low-priced sweet and savory crêpes will keep you satisfied during your trek around the festival. Their menu includes meat and vegetarian options, as well as build-your-own crêpes.


Bohemian Coffee House – 1821 N. Charles St

Slightly north of Sofi’s is a super-cute hole-in-the-wall coffee shop for those of you looking for sandwiches, pastries or delectable drinks. They proudly brew Zeke’s Coffee and a large iced coffee is only $2 (trust me, when it is hot outdoors, that’s valuable information).


Soup’s On – 11 W. Preston St

This is one of my favorite places in Baltimore to grab a quick sandwich. All of their sandwiches are $5 and they also have frittata and soup offerings (although maybe save that for cooler weather). It’s a short walk from the Artscape crowd and they offer meat, vegetarian, and vegan options.


I hope that you enjoy Artscape, wherever you decide to eat and drink while you’re there! In the comment section, let me know your favorite place to grab a bite in Midtown!

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