Taste of Two Cities - Baltimore vs. DC Food Truck Competition

Ann Marie

Taste of Two Cities, the second annual Baltimore vs. DC food truck competition hosted by The Gathering, was held this year on June 1, 2013. Despite the 90-degree heat, hundreds of hungry foodies showed up to sample everything from lobster rolls to gourmet grilled cheese from the 30+ food trucks parked side-by-side along Rash Field in Baltimore.

This year there were a few modifications from their inaugural event last summer. This year, The Gathering introduced an entrance fee ($5-8 for entry, and $30-50 for entrance/gift/drink packages, none of which included the cost of food). Additionally, partial proceeds from Taste of Two Cities benefitted the United Way of Central Maryland this year.

Like last year, awards were voted on and handed out to various food trucks at the event. In addition to the awards given last year - Best Overall Truck and the Baltimore People’s Choice & DC People's Choice Awards – new categories emerged this year, including United Way’s Golden Carrot award (given to the truck with the healthiest item in the rally), Best Sandwich, Best Dessert, Best Barbeque, and Best Seafood. These designations, which were awarded heavily to Baltimore-based trucks this year, are meant to reward local, creative and tasty treats generating from the local food truck movement.

Most event-goers had quite a filling and fulfilling time at the event. Samantha Silver of Baltimore said that she is “a huge fan of supporting local food and local chefs.” She was able to try the smoked brisket tacos from El Cuervo taco truck (whom she voted for in the overall competition) and topped it off with a frozen strawberry cheesecake from DC's That Cheesecake Truck. “Food trucks always end up being creative and delicious at the same time,” said Silver. Her friend, Matt Koontz, a Baltimore-transplant from the DC area, had a similar experience. “[The Taste of Two Cities] was fantastic. I thought that the organizers picked a great and scenic venue for the rally. The atmosphere felt very neighborhood-like. The food and drinks were amazing.”

Unfortunately, not all foodies experienced the event in this way. Local Baltimorean, Shannon Hoskins, showed up right as the day began and quickly noted that a lot of trucks weren’t ready to begin serving. Luckily she was able to get a burrito from the “super-nice” owner of DC’s Rito Loco truck, but left still wanting more from the event. “I wish I would’ve come later in the day, when everyone was ready to take orders and I could try more types of food,” said Hoskins.

If you were unable to make the event or visit all of the food trucks this weekend, please watch for the weekly food truck rallies hosted by The Gathering, or follow each food truck on social media for their daily stops.

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