2012 Best Of Baltimore's New Restaurant Lists: Do You Agree?

Carrie Murphy

Here at Baltimore Eats, we'll be the first people to tell you that 2012 has been a great year for Baltimore restaurants, both new and old. Several publications, including City Paper And The Sun, have released year-end lists of their favorite new restaurants that opened this year (well, the Sun's is really "best-reviewed' but that's basically the same as favorite, right?). Let's explore!


City Paper:


1.  The Fork and Wrench

2.  Heavy Seas Alehouse

3.  Fleet Street Kitchen

4.  Food Market

5.  Birroteca 

6.  Waterfront Kitchen

7.  Verde

8.  Pabu Izakaya

9.  Ouzo Bay

10.  Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks 


The Baltimore Sun (list edited by me) (list not ranked by number):

  1. Bluegrass

  2. Fleet Street Kitchen

  3. Birroteca

  4. Ouzo Bay

  5. Family Meal

  6. Shiso Tavern

  7. The Food Market

  8. Of Love & Regret

  9. Fork & Wrench

  10. Heavy Seas Alehouse
  11. Yum's Asian Bistro

  12. Hersh's Pizza and Drinks


Thoughts? I just went to Birroteca last weekend and thought it was a great atmosphere (despite being surprisingly crowded) but that my pesto pizza could have been a little more flavorful. Still, it's fun to go with a group and gets lots of different dishes, as we did. The Food Market is pretty great, I think, and seems to have impeccable service and well as delicious food. 


Are there any on these lists you disagree with? Anything you'd change or add? Let us know! We'd love to do a Baltimore Eats Best of 2012 list based on your suggestions. 

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