Taking a Bite Out Of Baltimore's Neighborhoods: Charles Village

Carrie Murphy

Charles Village has never really been a hotspot for restaurants. Sandwiched between Homewood, Hopkins and Greenmount Ave, this neighborhood has always seemed culinarily bare, at least to me. But a second look around the area taught me that I was wrong. Charles Village has lots to offer in terms of great eats for college students and regular old people alike.


One of my favorites is, of course, the Papermoon Diner (although some might argue that's actually in Remington). I've been here more times than I can count and the awesomely artful atmosphere never fails to charm. The food is awesome, as well: your basic diner fare with some occasional upscale twists. The waiters are friendly, the service is usually pretty fast, they serve breakfast all day and they're open late. What more could you want in a quirky eatery located right near a college campus? Meet 27, another restaurant that neighborhood purists might say is in Remington, not Charles Village, is known throughout the city for its incredible gluten-free fare. The cupcakes are my personal favorite, but the savory options are just as tasty, too. 


For more upscale eats, there's Gertrude's (located in the Baltimore Museum of Art). It's a good thing admission to the museum is free, because you could easily blow a day's budget on Chef John Shield's classy Chesapeake cuisine like salmon BLTs, Portobello Crab Imperial and Chincoteague single-fry oysters. Deliciousness! And did you know Gertrude's is open for afternoon tea on the first weekend of each month, Thursday through Saturday? That would be a fun, unusual weekend outing for Charles Village residents. 


Tamber's, which is on St. Paul right across from the JHU bookstore, has been around for 20 years, serving everything from American diner fare to Indian delicacies. The fifties-inspired decor can seem a little incongruent when you're chowing down on tikka masala, but that's all just part of Tamber's charm. It's a frequent carryout option for the doctors and nurses at Union Memorial. 


Charmington's, on Howard Street, is really more of a coffee shop, but one that has great food along with the great coffee. The bagels are awesome (and so are the bagel sandwiches) and the menu is full of good, solid lunch options like veggie burgers and Reubens. Nothing fancy, but a good spot to meet a friend or chow down while doing some work on your laptop. 


One World Cafe is a great option for vegetarians, but the food is good enough that meat eaters will want to take a seat, as well (order the hummus plate) and it's just a short walk from Hopkins campus on University Avenue. Niwana serves Korean and Japanese at reasonable prices in a calm atmosphere. 


I've heard that Charles Village Pub (commonly known to most people at CVP) has better bar food than you'd expect. You can't really go too wrong with a burger and fries, so if you're in the mood for that kind of fare, this place will hit the spot.


Did I miss any of your Charles Village favorites? Let me know!


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