Keeping Close Thais with Baltimore

Carrie Murphy

Charm City isn't exactly known for its Thai food. The closer you get to Washington DC, you're likely to find more Thai food than you'd be able to eat in a lifetime, but up here, good food from Thailand is bit harder to come by. I don't know why exactly that is, but I do know that I'd love it if Baltimore had a few more Thai restaurants. Thai is second only to Mexican in my favorite kinds of cuisines; it's spicy, healthy and surprisingly versatile, too.

One of all-time favorite restaurants of any type of cuisine is Thai Landing in Mt. Vernon. This quiet, romantic spot serves up delicious food—really fast. Whenever I've eaten there, I've always received my meal incredibly quickly, which is just a bonus when you consider how great the food already is! I'm a sucker for the relatively boring chicken stir-fried with basil, but the vegan and vegetarians dishes are just as good. Thai Landing is especially great on weeknights when you don't want to cook, as it's rarely hard to get a table and you'll probably have enough leftovers to get you through the next day's lunch or dinner!  My Thai is another, newer spot in Mt Vernon that we've heard some good things about, but I haven't sampled anything myself. 

I've actually never been to Thai Arroy in Federal Hill, although I've always heard raves about it. It's a pretty popular haunt in the neighborhood for both lunch and dinner, so much that they don't even take reservations on the weekends. Rumor has it the best dishes at this spot are the ones featuring duck. They've also got an array of desserts, including the staple sweet mango with sticky rice. I'm intrigued by Thai Arroy's pumpkin custard and gingko nut mousse as dessert options, though. Just don't try to get your Thai fix on a Monday, as they'll be closed!

The cleverly-named Thai One On has been a staple in Towson for over a decade. It shares space and ownership with San Sushi Too. I've aways been partial to their chicken satay appetizer, but I know that patrons also adore Thai One On's seafood dishes (makes sense, sharing space with a sushi place!). Pad Thai is always a solid option here, but the Drunken Noodles are really what keep people coming back. Down in Canton, Thai Jai Dee is a similar spot that shares a space with a Japanese restaurant. There's Thai dishes on the menu here for sure, but they definitely seem to take a backseat to the sushi.  

I haven't tried encountered it myself, but MoMo Thai Food, a food cart/stand, is a new presence at Baltimore's farmer's markets. Have you ever eaten anything from MoMo? They also cater, if you're looking to give your next party a bit of spice. 

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