Vote In Our Poll: What's The Best Independent Coffee Shop In Baltimore?

Carrie Murphy

There are few things I enjoy more than curling up with a skim latte and a muffin in front of a coffee shop window, people-watching and enjoying the day. As a writer, I also love to bring my laptop and work; for some reason, I'm likely to get into the "zone" when I'm surrounded by the smell of freshly roasted beans and the chatter of other patrons.

But I have to admit it: I'm not really a Starbucks girl. Not that I don't enjoy some of their offerings, mind you, but I'm more of a local haunt type of person. Call me a hippie, but I much prefer giving my hard-earn cash to local businesses, rather than large corporate chains. Luckily, Baltimore has lots of awesome independent coffee shops that I can feel good about supporting.

What we'd like to know is: which of these awesome local coffee shops is the best? Vote in our poll; the winning coffee shop will get a full write-up here on the site. If your favorite spot isn't listed, don't forget to let us know what place you think should be included—and why.

Just in case the poll doesn't show up for any of you, I have listed The Daily Grind, Charmington's, The Evergreen Cafe, Firehouse Coffee Company and Common Ground, plus the option of "none of these, I'll tell you in the comments."


What's the best independent coffee shop in Baltimore? free polls 

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