Meat And Dairy Free In Baltimore City

Carrie Murphy

Don't get me wrong: I love me some meat and cheese. But the more and more I read about a plant-based diet, the better it sounds. Better for my health, better for my wallet, and better for the earth. One thing that stops me? Eating out. I love love love to go to restaurants, and not many of them are vegan friendly. But then I did a little research and learned that my fears were unfounded: Baltimore's vegan food scene is expanding all the time!

There's classic healthy food spot One World Cafe, which caters to hippies and Hopkins students alike. I loved going to this tucked-away spot during my high school years, when I dabbled in vegetarianism. There's a cafe and lots of baked goods, but they serve traditional health food too, like tofu scrambles and vegan wraps. 

I originally thought Liquid Earth was just a smoothie joint (silly me!) but I recently found out it's basically vegan heaven right here in Baltimore. There are delicious smoothies and juices, yes, but Liquid Earth also serves up big old veggie burritos, tofu melts, enchiladas and even a vegetarian reuben. This eatery also offers raw food, a rarity in the Baltimore area. If you're ever trying to eat raw, this is your spot: try the raw zucchini spaghetti. 

Newer to the veggie/vegan scene here in Baltimore is The Land of Kush. Opening just a few years ago, this vegetarian world cuisine restaurant has a chilled-out vibe to go with it's healthy, tasty food. Their food runs the gamut from Indian to soul food to...crab cakes? Yup, The Land of Kush sells a vegan crab cake. I haven't tried it, but I sure want to! The restaurant also offers fun events like a monthly vegan happy hour, so if you're looking for friends who share you dietary preferences, this might be the cool place to hang out!

Golden West Cafe in Hampden also consistently offers vegan options on their menu. Two words: vegan chorizo (although there's plenty of meat and dairy to be had there, as well). If you're in the mood for something sugary, Sweet 27 offers vegan desserts, although reviews are mixed from what I hear. I do love their gluten-free items, and their cupcakes are a good bet for people who are both gluten-free and vegan. Brand new on the vegan dessert scene? Dirty Carrots, a vegan bakery that operates weekly at the JFX farmer's market and also sells at Red Emma's and Milk and Honey

Do you have any other vegan spots we should know about? Or even just great vegan menu options at otherwise carnivorous restaurants? We'd love to hear!

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