Upcoming: B'Eat More Pie Festival

Carrie Murphy

Pie lovers, rejoice! The B'Eat More Pie Festival is coming soon: on Sunday, September 2nd, to be exact. Founded in 2011 by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr and Rachel Kassman, the second annual B'Eat More Pie Festival is a daylong celebration of pies both savory and sweet, and will include a pie competition, pie tasting, pie walk, and more!

We talked to Elena, one of the the Baltimore-based founders of B'Eat More Pie (also the blogger behind the southern food blog Biscuits and Such) about starting a pie festival and what you can expect to eat, do, and see at this year's B'Eat More Pie. 


What made you decide to start B'Eat More Pie, Baltimore's Pie Festival?

On a whim a few years ago Rachel (my co-founder) and I competed in the Cville Pie Festival in Charlottesville, VA. We were on a trip in that area and thought it would be fun. Our pie, a caramel green tomato pie, won Judges' Select, which was thrilling. We spent the entire drive home talking about how we could bring a pie fest to Baltimore, what we would do, how it would go. The planning from that festival was pretty much exactly what happened last year at the first annual B'Eat More Pie Fest!


Who is eligible to compete?

Anyone except for the judges and Rachel and I! We are even introducing a category this year for chefs under 12 called "Cutie Pies." We only ask that each competitor make two pies- one for judging & tasting and one for raffling. All proceeds benefit the Heart's Place Shelter, Baltimore's only family shelter.


Who will be judging the pies?

We have a crack team of judges that includes local foodies, restaurateurs, chefs, and pie enthusiasts. Rachel and I are lucky enough to know a lot of people who want to eat a ton of pie.


What else will the festival offer, other than delicious pies?

 The festival includes live music, vendors, craft activities for families, pie tasting, a raffle, and a pie walk. We're hoping next year to introduce a homebrew competition as well. 


What's the best piece of pie you've eaten in Baltimore?

 That's a hard question! I really love the Baltimore Bomb at Dangerously Delicious, it combines two of my favorite thing- chess pie and Berger cookies.


What's your personal favorite pie to make?

 I love so many different types of pie, and the experience of making each is unique, from peeling dozens of apples to tenuously making mousse or custard or meringue. I have to say that my favorite kind of pie to make is probably a Tar Heel pie, which is a chocolate chess with pecans. Not only is it insanely easy to make and incredibly delicious, every time I make it I think of my grandma, Barbara.


B'Eat More will take place on September 2nd 2012, from 12 to 5 P.M. at 3640 St. Paul Street. If you'd like more information about the festival, visit B'Eat More Pie at the festival's website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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