Brunch It Up, Baltimore

Carrie Murphy

We've already brought you some of the best spots for Bloody Marys, now we're here to let you know where to eat while you drink. We are a food site, after all!

My two favorite spots for brunch in the city are Miss Shirley's and Yellow Dog Tavern. I know...everyone loves Miss Shirley's, including my mom, who wants to go there as much as she can. And for good reason! The food is top-notch, the menu goes on for days, and the atmosphere is great, too. In the few years it's been open in Baltimore, the restaurant has become wildly popular, opening up locations in the Inner Harbor and in Annapolis— so the deliciousness isn't just in North Baltimore, anymore. But if you're partial to the Roland Park location, you're in luck, as the long-awaited expansion of the restaurant is finally complete.

Yellow Dog Tavern, nestled on a largely residential street in Canton, serves up great brunch options as well. My particular favorite is the breakfast burrito, which comes with fresh fruit (if you've imbibed too much the night before, sub the crunchy roasted potatoes as a side...your stomach could use the starch!) Huevos rancheros are a good choice too, although I think charging $1.99 for 1/4 an avocado is kind of pricey, even in a region where avocados don't grow.  Alexander's Tavern in Fells Point is another place I've eaten brunch many times. It can be busy on a Saturday or Sunday morning, but the food is always good and the service pretty quick.

Morning Edition Cafe in Butcher's Hill has been serving a Vermont-style brunch for Baltimoreans for years. They serve Zeke's coffee alongside of lots of terrific varieties of omelets and to-die-for, completely complimentary banana bread. A new city brunch hot spot is Ten Ten, located in the Bagby building in Harbor East. People love their different varieties of eggs benedict: Beef Florentine, Chesapeake, and classic, as well as the tasty buttermilk biscuits. 

Leave us your suggestions for great brunch places in the city! I don't often eat brunch in the Federal Hill or Locust Point areas, so what's good over on that side of the harbor? 


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