Fro, Yo: Frozen Yogurt Takes Over Charm City

Carrie Murphy

It seems that everywhere you look these days, there's a new frozen yogurt place that's popped up. And for good reason, too: that stuff is delicious! The new trend is for by-weight stores, where you get the cool treat and then load up on toppings like candy, fruit, and more. I'm not sure why frozen yogurt is becoming so popular now, as it's always been tasty and low-calorie. I'm certainly not complaining, though, not with all these great options in the Baltimore area.

In Towson, there's Yolavie at Towson Town Center and Sweet Frog Yogurt on Allegheny Ave in downtown Towson. The Sweet Frog location is brand new. It's their second location in Maryland, which offers all kinds of crazy flavors, including green tea, New York cheesecake, root beer float, and pumpkin pie. The layout and cute little frog branding make it perfect for families, so bring your kids and let them concoct some crazy combinations of flavors. Dulce de leche and apple pie, anyone?

Out in Catonsville, there's Haiku Frozen Yogurt, which also offers fancy flavors like red velvet, and fancy toppings like rainbow jelly (if you know what rainbow jelly might be, let us know). Mr. Yogato is the perennially-popular spot in Fells Point, which is known just as much for it's quirky atmosphere (think old school games like Connect Four and Sorry) as it is for it's soft-serve. Mr. Yogato has two additional locations, including one in DC, but it's only in Fells where you'll be awarded 10-20% off your order if you dress like a hon (percentage based on your hon-ness, of course!) They have other fun "rules," like if you order a yogurt for 30 consecutive days, they'll name a flavor after you! Mr. Yogato also sells sandwiches, coffee, and locally-made fudge. In the winter, there's even a hot chocolate bar.

TCBY is in north Baltimore's Belvedere Square, in the former location of Cloud Nine Clothing. Psst! If you visit the TCBY site, you can print a coupon that's usable at that location. Afters Cafe, down in Federal Hill, always has a few different fro-yo flavors in rotation (plus espresso and pastries). And downtown, there's Yolly Molly's, a new self-serve spot where you can get your frozen yogurt fix. 

What do you think about the frozen yogurt craze? If you're like me, you're beating the heat by eating it every chance you can get (alongside classic Baltimore snowballs, of course!)


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