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Lindsay Bull

My dining partner-in-crime and I visited Harbor East's Ten Ten (1010 Fleet Street) on a Tuesday evening. We had been here once before, but only for some bar bites. We were excited to try the dinner menu this time. When we arrived, we were greeted by a polite hostess, who took us to our seats. We preferred the bar area, and there were some dining tables open nearby. It was intimate, yet not too quiet or isolated. The décor was warm and welcoming. Cool enough to bring your friends, and romantic enough for a first date or anniversary.

First, we put in our drink and appetizer orders with Isaac. He's a delightful server, with plenty of opinions to offer, should you ask about any entrees or cocktails. He knows what he is talking about too, so don't hesitate to take his advice. I decided to try the Cameron's Kick cocktail. It was a combination of Pig's Nose Scotch, Irish whiskey, almond, and lemon. Each sip tasted somewhat like I was drinking a tea cocktail, but the rugged finish of the liquors reminded me that is was not! My dining partner had chosen the Cardini. It was a combination of tequila, St. Germaine, campari, and lime. It was not his favorite, due to the bitterness of the campari. However, my tastes disagreed, as the bitter finish reminded me of unsweetened grapefruit juice, which I love.

For the appetizer, we started with the charcuterie plate, which consisted of very generous servings of each meat selection. The duck prosciutto was not overly fatty at all. There was just enough of that delicious duck fat to create a buttery flavor to complement the saltiness. The chorizo was smoky and delicious, as any chorizo should be. That was our favorite! We even fought over the last piece. He ate all of the rabbit pate, but that is one thing that I have to be honest that I do not care for, so I do not eat it. He really enjoyed every bite. The smoked foie gras was nicely warmed, with a mild flavor. It seemed a bit dry in comparison to other foie gras I have tasted, but it did not stop me from devouring it. The pork was amazingly tender, reminiscent of a carpaccio as it melted in our mouths.

I ordered the recommended special, which was blackened halibut. The fish was so amazingly fresh, moist, and flaky. The chef was heavy handed with the blackening spices, creating a crust on top of the filet, which I loved. It created the perfect balance of flavor for the white fish. This was one of my favorite fish dishes when dining out – to date. The grilled squash was crisp tender, as was the grilled asparagus with its delicate char. The yellow tomatoes burst with flavor, since grilling them further developed their sweetness.

My partner chose the grilled steak and frites with grilled asparagus. The 12-ounce rib eye did come out a little under temperature. We asked to have it touched up a little, and it came out re-plated and perfect! The bordelaise sauce was mild, yet a nice accompaniment, with its light, savory flavor. He loved his grilled asparagus too. The duck fat frites on the side were warm and crisp, with the rosemary taking the stage. I love rosemary, so I picked most them off the plate before he could get his hands on them. I let him have a few, though!

For dessert, although our bellies were completely full, we decided on the pot de crème. It was like eating a light, French silk pie crossed with a Ferrero Rocher. It was topped with a thin layer of chocolate glaze, with a sliced fig and sprinkled with lots of hazelnuts. Hey, we still got our serving of fruit, right? And just when we thought we couldn't possibly eat anymore, we were treated with a scoop of their homemade chocolate mint ice cream. Now, if you didn't know, Ten Ten makes their own selection of ice creams and sorbets. There appeared to be 10 or more on the list. And don't think you are going to just see typical grocery store flavors on there. I'm talking strawberry-rhubarb, brown-sugar-peach, and of course, the chocolate mint. The burst of mint flavor in our mouths was the freshest mint I have ever tasted. And the ice cream wasn't that horrific off-putting green color either. It was a crisp white, with a bright, straight-from-the-garden (yes, it is actually!) minty flavor, with mini chocolate chips. I will be back for the ice creams alone.

Overall, this visit was a ton of fun, mega flavorful, and everyone was so much fun. They have great happy hour specials, so even if you are in the area and limited on time, at least stop by the bar for some frites and a cocktail. I highly recommend dining at Ten Ten. So bring a date, go for Summer Restaurant Week, or just go anytime; I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


See additional dining photos of each dish by clicking here!                     

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