Charm City Cheesemongers

Carrie Murphy

There's one food that I truly couldn't live without: cheese. I usually get my fix in the dairy aisle at the grocery store, but recently I got to wondering about other places where I can pick up my Parmesan, my Brie, my Havarti and my Gouda. You know, places where there are people like me, people that love, live and breathe cheese. There are actually a few shops here in Charm City that specialize in queso and fromage.
Atwater's in Belvedere Square is known for its bread, but the cheese chop located inside it, Farmstead Cheese, also sells lots of great cheeses. My all-time favorite is their Midnight Moon; even a tiny piece of this cheese will bowl you over with amazing, out-of-this-world flavor. The employees are all friendly and knowledgeable about the stock, if you're looking for a special dinner party appetizer or even just an everyday slice, feel free to take advantage of their expertise.
And of course, anywhere there's wine, there's cheese. The Wine Source in Hampden is known for its terrific cheese selection. Cheesemongers at The Wine Source take their craft seriously: they maintain a blog, and also feature carefully-chosen cheeses-of-the-month. The agora (Greek word for market) at Fells Point restaurant, The Black Olive, also offers cheeses, including many special varieties imported from Greece and Italy. 
Cheese Galore and More, located in Federal Hill's Cross Street Market, is a relatively new gourmet cheese shop where you can find over one hundred varieties of the stinky, delicious dairy product. The food stall also offers freshly-baked bread, crackers, and other cheese complements like salami and olives. 
And of course, you can find great cheese at fine grocery stores like Wegman's, Eddie's and Whole Foods. But if you're looking to expand your cheesy repertoire, we highly recommend trying out one of the cheesemongers mentioned above.

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