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It's no secret that I like to drink.  A lot. 

Although I'm usually a wine and spirits kind of guy, sometimes the hankering for a beer is just too hard to ignore.  And when that hankering comes on strong, there's only one place to go.  The Brewer's Art.

Clearly, these beers have been reviewed a thousand times in their lifetime, but I find it's always important to revisit an old acquaintance once in a blue moon, and remember why you developed a crush on them in the first place.  With this in mind, I scooped my friend Meadow Stafford of Taverna Corvino and we tipped into The Brewer's Art for a quick, Saturday night refresher course.

The downstairs bar is always great for "art-school eye-candy"; much preferred over the upstairs if you're into sight-seeing.  We grabbed a parking space, and our bartender Beazly started setting them up.  I proceeded to knock them down with diligence.

I started with Ozzy, their Belgian ale tribute.  This beer is not it's Rock-n-Roll namesake.  The color is light and the finish is dry.  It's the pretty blond who can dress up with ease, and you can take her home to Mom without her defiling the house with foul language.  But be careful: at 7% alcohol by volume, Mom is definitely going to get more than inebriated with this chick hanging around the house.

Next was Resurrection.  This is their sweeter beer, dark in color with a litany of malts.  At 7% ABV, this little number will put you right on your kiester if you're not careful.  Beazly claims he found one of their regular patrons laying on a street corner, completely blotto off of this one, and the only thing he could say was, "...Resurrection...Resurrection!"  He then paid a bum $100 to watch the guy until someone could come collect the mess.  

This is clearly a full-service bar.

Beacon Ale came next.  This is a happy, hoppy little pale ale and fun to drink.  At 4% ABV, you can take a few of these to the head and at least remember your name at the end of the night.  Always a plus when you're introducing yourself to the person who won't be going home with you.

Then things got dark and mysterious with Proletary.  Deep color, lots of tobacco and coffee notes.  At 5% ABV, another easy-doer.  This is that girl that was a total '10' at 2 am, so you shuffled her home, only to find that you ended up with a '2' at 10 am.  You didn't regret it, but you weren't quite sure you'd be doing that again!

Then it was the Cerberus Tripel.  Now, this is the one you want to watch out for.  It's deceptively light in color, goes down smooth, but it's a beast at 10%ABV.  This is the date that will show you a good time, but you'll wake up in a dank alley with your wallet and shoes missing, seriously reconsidering what you've been doing with your life.  You had better be licensed to take this baby out for a ride.  Even the bartenders will warn you: this ain't for kids.

Last (and thank God), was Petroleuse.  This one must be last in the flight for a reason, because it's the one you were looking for the entire night.  It's got everything; light in color, lots of malts, just the right amount of hops, and just a bit of spice.  At 7%, this charmer isn't playing tiddly-winks either, but you stand a better chance at making it home in one piece with your wallet and keys than you would with the Tripel.  It's certainly naughty, but it reminds me of the old tale Goldy Lochs and the Three Bears...  It was juuuuust right!  

All in all, always a great time at The Brewer's Art, but a work of warning: if you're already in your cups, don't stop off here for a beer.  Only studied, professional drunks can handle these ladies after a long night out or, trust me...


These ladies will handle you!   

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