Midnight Snacking in Mobtown

Carrie Murphy

It's late. You're hungry. Maybe you've been hanging at a bar with friends or maybe you just want to get up off the couch and head out for a bit. Where will you go? What will you eat? We've rounded up a few of the best late-night dining options in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Visit these restaurants to get a midnight snack or satisfy an unexpected craving.

One of my all-time favorite late night spots is the Papermoon Diner in Remington. It used to be open 24 hours a day, but recently switched to a slightly abbreviated schedule (open to 12am on weeknights and 2am on weekends). Papermoon offers the perfect array of munchie options: everything from mozzarella sticks and milkshakes to salads. Did I mention they have no less than eleven varieties of quesadillas and that breakfast is served all day? Not only is the food here delicious, but the quirky atmosphere of crazy colorful decor (think a toy store as imagined by Ken Kesey) and super friendly waitstaff makes Papermoon the perfect place to sit and enjoy the evening or, ahem, morning. Don't miss the wall of Pez dispensers or the encased Barbies on the bathroom doors. Other neighborhood options include Nam Kang and Jong Kak, both in the Remington/Charles Village/Hampden area, which offer Korean food well into the wee hours of the morning.

Another solid diner option is Sip & Bite on Boston Street in Canton. This historic Baltimore institution is open 24 hours and is known for its classic crab cakes. Unlike most modern diners, Sip & Bite has retained its old-time feel, despite the newer sign and fresh paint outside. The booths are small, the atmosphere is loud, and you can sit on a stool and watch the cooks fry up your grub. The 60+ year old restaurant is usually packed on weekend nights, so be prepared to wait for a table. As for other options on the east side of the harbor, we like Stuggy's, BOP Pizza, Blue Moon, and Hot Tomatoes. Sabatino's in Little Italy is open until 3 am on weekends in case you want a pasta fix to fuel you until sunrise. 

I've also got to mention one of my high school hangout spots, Towson Diner. I spent many a night drinking coffee and playing the jukebox in the booths at this York Rd eatery. I've visited intermittently in recent years, but their chicken strips are still the best ever. Not in the mood for diner food? Try Pizans, which serves pizza to Towson Tigers and other insomniacs until 3 am. Another option is Valentino's, in the Hamilton/Parkville area, which is open 24 hours a day. 

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