Wining and Dining at BWI Airport

Carrie Murphy

I recently came across this 2012 airport dining guide, which got me thinking about food and traveling, specifically airport food. Eating at the airport is always kind of a strange adventure: you're either in a frantic rush or on you're bored on a long layover, and the options usually vary widely in quality (although they don't seem to vary much on price...airport food is expensive, right?)

I don't travel a lot, but when I do, I like to try to eat fairly healthfully (I am definitely not the girl in line at the Taco Bell, although I will admit to liking a gordita every now and then). Phoenix is one of the worst places to try to grab a bite to eat, mainly because the options are almost exclusively fast food. Dallas-Forth Worth is one of my favorite airports to eat in, and O'Hare in Chicago isn't bad either. Everyone is always complaining about airline food, but thankfully I think airports are gradually stepping up their game in terms of dining options.  But how does our own Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall airport, BWI, stack up?

On a recent trip to BWI, I cast my critical foodie's eye on the options. I'm always a fan of local chain Potbelly's (best turkey subs ever), so I was happy to see Potbelly's while I waited for my American Airlines flight out of Concourse B. I hear there's a California Tortilla in BWI, too, so I'll have to check for that next time I'm there. The local Mexican chain has been a favorite since my college days, and I highly recommend their burrito bowls. You might go easy on the hot sauce though, if only just to be kind to your seatmate.

Bayside Landing, in Concourse C, is a good option if you're trying to eat local cuisine...or maybe a good option to recommend to relatives on their way out of the area. Visitors to Baltimore always need that last fix of Old Bay, right? My Texan boyfriend actually loves the crabcakes at Bayside Landing. In keeping with the local theme, there's an Obrycki's and Phillip's Seafood in Concourse B, as well as a Rams Head in Concourse C and a Green Turtle in D. Obrycki's closed their Fells Point location in November of 2011, so if you're feeling nostalgic, the BWI branch is a good place to get some steamed crabs and reminisce.

Other options? Chains like Auntie Anne's, Quizno's and Silver Diner, as well as more upscale choices like Vino Volo Wine Bar and Formaggio. Of course, you could always hit up the Hudson News and fortify with candy, trail mix and Bugles, but where's the adventure in that? 

Where do you eat when you're at BWI? Let me know in the comments!

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