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Ryan Rom

For those of you that haven’t noticed, it’s spring!  The weather is beginning to cooperate and it’s the perfect time to head out in our fine city and have a meal outside.  One of our favorite places to do that here in Baltimore is Nick’s Fish House & Grill.  With their huge deck, great food and multiple bars, Nick’s is a great way to enjoy the warm weather.

During the end of the winter months Nick’s went through a bit of a renovation.   Nick’s managed to redo their floors and deck, update their dining rooms AND add a Sushi Bar!  That’s right.  You can enjoy all your favorites at Nick’s PLUS their new sushi offerings. 

Nick’s hired sushi chef Jesse to roll up your favorites from Wednesday through Sunday.  Their menu isn’t huge, but they cover the essentials with their own Baltimore flair.  I decided to go for the Nick’s Sea Slide Combination which included 4 pieces of Nigiri and 2 Maki Rolls.  I really wanted to get a solid sampling of what Nick’s new sushi chef was all about.

Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed.  We started with the California Maryland Roll.  The biggest draw here is that there isn’t crab stick inside.  Of course not; you’re in Baltimore.  We don’t stand for imitation crab.  Alongside the avocado, cucumber and masago was delicious lump blue crab.  For our second roll we chose the Sunset Rainbow.  Spicy tuna inside, wrapped with salmon, yellowtail (my favorite) and avocado and topped with spicy mayo.  It was truly delicious.

The Nigiri sample was also great.  One piece each of Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail and Shrimp.  We split the sushi platter and, of course, a crab pretzel and we were stuffed.  We always suggest heading to Nick’s but now you have a new excuse; sushi.  Just between me and you, we heard they were hiring another sushi chef so that they can offer us sushi each and every day*!   See you on the deck!

*Since we posted the article, Nick's Sushi menu has been made available daily!

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