2011 Chocolate Affair Winners

B&O Brasserie                                             Chef's Expressions

Gypsy Queen Cafe                                       Intercontinental 



Tastiest Chocolate Treat: Tie- Maryland Club and Mr. Charles Market 

Tastiest Non-Chocolate Treat: House of Audre (Honorable Mention: Miguel's Cocina y Cantina)

Best Candy Creation: Mr. Charles Market (Honorable Mention: Pecan Yummies)

Best Booth Display: Chef's Expressions (Honorable Mention: Cooking with Catherine)

Best Visual Presentation of Food: Intercontinental Harbor Court (Honorable Mention: RA Sushi)

Most Creative Use of Chocolate: B&O American Brasserie (Honorable Mention: Gypsy Queen Cafe)

Best Beverage: City Cafe (Honorable Mention: Tie- Patron and Testimony Tea)

Apprentice Award: Clementine

Connoisseur Award: Charles Levine 

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