Whining and Dining Weekly #2

Randi Rom

An outdoor festival is planned for September 19th from 12 - 7 pm. to celebrate the memory and cultural impact of legendary musician Frank Zappa. The city of Baltimore will dedicate a monument and following the dedication ceremony, prominent names in music and entertainment and Frank's hometown of B-more will come together to celebrate the life and legacy of one of the most influential musicians, composers and social icons of all time.

The Highlandtown FREE Outdoor Festival and Tribute Concert will feature DWEEZIL ZAPPA who fronts ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA, ARBOURETUM, and more.

The date is significant because the 19th is the anniversary of Zappa's 1985 testimony at a Senate hearing on Capitol Hill in favor of free expression by Recording Artists.

I fondly remember watching a Zappa concert at the University of Miami-a great showman! And lets not forget the Phi Zappa Crappa posters that papered Ocean City. (One must be of a certain age to remember that.) So-head on down to Higlandtown Hon. Just go to the intersection of Eastern Avenue & Conkling Street in "Ha lin-town". Bypass the crowd for the concert and secure your VIP access pass now: missiontix.com/events/product/9320/zappa-dedication--tribute-concert--vip-pass

Thar's a controversy a brewin'. A new coffee shop at the corner of Ritchie Highway and Pasadena Road, opened last month--owner Brandy McMillion and her employees stood outside modeling some of their "uniforms" - schoolgirl, cowgirl, bikini. Really? This new drive-through coffee features employees wearing skimpy outfits based on a different theme each day. Sexy Santa, dominatrix, naughty nurse - well-you get the picture. And-dear God-the drinks come in B, C and D-cup sizes. The sign on the tip jar says, "tipping is sexy," and "don't make me hurt you, show gratitude to your mistress. So although they will most likely be popular, it is not my cup of tea-or coffee as it were. And FYI-I wouldn't like it if guys were playing dress up. Yeah, yeah- sex sells. Hmm-think this will blow Hooters out of the water?

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