Whining and Dining Weekly #1

Randi Rom


Checked out the opening of Haute Dog on Falls Road at the Bonjour Bakery and Café in Mt Washington. Way tasty dogs and a cute idea for the buns. They have aluminum er—kinda—phallic looking things that they use for the buns. The phallic thingys push the bread to the bottom, making a perfect hole for the dogs. Doesn’t take much to amuse me. Anyway, they have gourmet toppings and some of the best chefs in town are offering their fave dog recipes. Fabulous franks on Falls indeed.  Right across the street is Tropicool—amazing ices, shakes, lemonade and more. AND-treats and water for the puppies ‘cause they’re right next to the puppy park a.k.a Lake Roland.

Speaking of animals—here’s something that really gets my goat.

Last week I went to see one of my fave bands around town-Cruise (CruiseRock.com) at Stables in Westminster and I ordered a diet coke. And they charged me $4.00! REALLY?? And for all the restaurants that have corking fees—well-don’t get me started on that.

Bluegrass Tavern in on Hanover Street in Federal Hill now has Valet Parking beginning at 5pm - Tues-Sun. I love that! I have zero patience for driving around the block. BlueGrassTavern.com.

Helen’s Garden, one of Canton’s best-liked restaurants is closing their doors but there’s still time to stop by. Reservations are recommended --call 410-276-2233. HelensGarden.com.



Mom Rom went to the Artful Gourmet in Owings Mills and ordered the veal marsala. She wants to go back for more—she’s been raving. It’s a destination restaurant but a big hit in the hood.

Sotto Sopra on North Charles Street has a brand new menu and it will blow you away. Owner/Executive Chef Ricardo Bosio, a native Italian, is a master in the kitchen. We’re talking BEYOND top chef. Go, go, go!!! 

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