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Ryan Rom

As some of you may have heard, for the past two Mondays we have been working with Nick’s Fish House for a facebook promotion.  $6.95 for each of their chicken sandwiches with a side of fries (sweet potato or regular).  If you haven’t been, I would definitely check out the amazing scenery for the next two Mondays and get that amazing deal.  If, however, you can’t make it on Monday you still need to make it out.

            I went to Nick’s this past Tuesday to grab lunch while I was in the area.  I have been to Nick’s before with some friends and we split their crab pretzel appetizer.  After I had my fair share of the pretzel I wanted more so this time I ordered a full pretzel for myself.  I knew how big it was so I had planned some of it home for a great first dinner. 

            Being Nick’s FISH House I also ordered a fish entrée.  I chose one of the daily specials; Thai Chili Ahi Tuna Skewers.  I spent a semester abroad in Thailand in 2007 and just recently regained my taste for Thai spices, after exhausting my taste buds for four and a half months.  I ate enough Thai curry, fried rice, chicken with cashew nuts, pad thai, and noodle bowls to last me two and a half years.

            When my braided pretzel arrived I could barely hesitate long enough to take the snapshot for you guys.  I had been craving the pretzel all morning and the short wait for my appetizer (about 6 minutes, I counted the seconds) seemed like an eternity.  It was the ‘watched pot never boils’ principle.


I dug in (opting for the center first for the picture and because I love the crisp ends) and wasn’t disappointed.  It was as awesome as I had remembered; warm and perfectly toasted.  It was stuffed with crab and cheese and had a perfect dusting of Old Bay.  For those of you that are heading to Nick’s this weekend for cocktails, make sure to head back the next day for a crab pretzel.  Amanda, one of the amazing bartenders at Nick’s, informed me it was her favorite hangover cure.

It was hard but I managed to stop half way through so that I had room for the rest of my lavish lunch.  My skewers came out and looked amazing.  Presented on top of rice pilaf in a scale and fishbone pattern and encircled in sweet Thai chili sauce.  I decided on the ‘de-skewer and go’ method which I just patented. 

I took all the tuna, peppers, onion and tomatoes off and got to work.  It was great.  I made sure to grab a bit of everything in each bite, meshing the flavors as they were intended and finishing each perfect bite with a swipe of the Thai chili sauce.  It was the perfect meal for the beautiful day we had; low humidity, 90 degrees and a great breeze from the bay.


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