Blue Sky holiday party

Scooter Holt

    If you’re like me, this year has been quite a challenge when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit.  Last night changed all of that for me; I’m now officially in my holiday stride….or “slide,” if you will.  There’s always an array of holiday parties to attend, but one I don’t miss is the Blue Sky Factory office party, in Federal Hill.  Now, normally, the term “office party” is, for me, is an oxymoron in the truest sense of the word, but Greg Cangialosi, CEO,  and his team really pull out all the stops.  

    So, never one to miss a blow-out, I scooped my good friend, the Fabulous Tiff Zappulla (she’d give Coco Chanel a run for her money), and away we went.   


The offices are grand, located in an old theatre building, and God knows I love a stage.  Greg’s wife, my good friend Theresa, was spot on with the meet-n-greet, glass of red in hand.  “Great to see you,” she said, “but I have to run.  My baby’s around here somewhere!”  Thankfully their newborn was safe with Mama-in-law.  I told Theresa she may want to check under the oyster station.  It seemed to be a hit.


Navigating the myriad of corridors, “cubbies” and crannies is always a challenge but, around every corner, is a new friendly and fabulous group of people, and a new food or wine station to sample.  Yes, I was a rat in a decadent maze, but thankfully, around every corner was a piece of cheese.


Corks restaurant provided the wines, so I indulged in Hedges CMS, a cute little Viognier blend, after I bellied up to the cocktail table and front-loaded a Grey Goose rocks.  Rounding the next corner, the Ryleigh’s oyster station seemed to be getting its fair share of usage, but I refrained.  Can’t say I ever got the whole “raw oyster” thing, even though that may seem pedestrian.  Do I get it?  Yeah, sure, but good luck roping me into it.  I’d rather sit through an insurance seminar than pour oysters down my throat. 


As Tiff and I rounded yet another corner, we found the Matsuri sushi table.  Now, we’re talking.   Fresh  maki and rolls, on the spot.  I sidled right up, and indulged.   Now, I’ll be honest, there were other tables, but everywhere I turned, there was a familiar face that I hadn’t caught up with in a month of Sundays.  The more I chatted, the more the holiday season began to wash over me.  This is truly what this time of year is all about; catching up, drinking up, eating up, and….well, I didn’t go that far.  Clearly, I’m maturing.


Tiff and I rounded it off with a late night cocktail at Corvino (I had a Lemon cello and Champagne which knocked me into next week) and then parted ways.  My parting thoughts about the party?  Greg and company may be focused and buttoned-up during the day, but that crew certainly gives good party. 

Can’t wait ‘till next year!      

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